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Welcome to I decided to redesign the site several years ago for one simple reason. I wanted to make the site easier to maintain. I liked the old site. It was very well organized and easy to navigate, but it was fairly hard to do even relatively simple updates. Everything from the old site is still up, and you can find it here. Even the urls are the same, so if you've linked or bookmarked anything, it should still be there (at least, I don't think I have broken any of the links).

When I post a new article or whatever, there will be a link with the date posted below, newest first.

Rather than having a bunch of different sections that I don't have time to keep updated, I've cut it down to the five links to the left:

  • Web Log is just a simple page for stuff that I don't think needs a whole page of its own. I'm going to try to update this at least once a week.
  • Old Home is a link to the old page as it existed as of my last update in June 2001. If you're looking for something from the old site, you should be able to find it there, but I'm not going to try to incorporate anything new into it.
  • T-Shirts. I still have about thirty of them in my garage, and they aren't getting any more sold. Be the envy of all of your friends. Get your official t-shirt now.
  • About Nose Wheelie is a brief history of the site.
  • Finally, Feedback is a mailto link, so you can e-mail me.

Chris Sturhann, circa 1977.

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