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About Nose Wheelie

Nose Wheelie was established in September 1997 for longboard and old school skateboarders. Over the years, I've tried to do different things with the site with varying degrees of success. When I started back in 1997, there wasn't a whole lot of longboarding stuff out there. A handful of company pages, NCDSA, which even back then rocked, and a few old school and longboarding pages, with more emphasis on pictures and links than solid information. I tried to make the site everything I wanted out of a skateboarding web site, news, features, equipment reviews, the local skate scene, etc. The problem was that there were more sections than I had time to keep up with, and the way it was organized, it made even simple updates something of a chore.

The updates became less frequent except for odd spurts of activity, more out of guilt for letting a great page stagnate, than out of a desire to make the page reach its full potential. I thought that maybe if I reorganized it to be more streamlined, I could keep up with it better, but the thought of trying integrate all of the older content into simpler structure made it seem like too big a project to tackle. Then one day, I was talking to a friend about web publishing and it dawned on me, I didn't have to redesign the whole site, I just had to start over.

The end result is what you see now. The old Nose Wheelie is intact under Old Home, and all of the links should work, but the new site has been simplified greatly.

I've always strived to emphasize content over form and strive to make these pages fast, informative, and easy to follow. Hopefully, that comes through in the new version.

Chris Sturhann

Nose Wheelie, except where noted otherwise, was written and created by Chris Sturhann.
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