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Sector 9: Cosmic Rider II

The Vitals

Length:    38"
Width:    8.5"
Made of four layers of pressed maple and a layer of fiberglass on each side with kicktail and camber flex.

Okay, I'm going to be honest with you. I saw this board, and it was love at first sight. I was in one of those places in a mall that mostly sells bathing suits and just happens to have skateboards. As soon as I stepped on I knew, my mind immediately went back to my old G&S Fibreflex slalom board. Better still, it was a reasonble length and had a kicktail to boot. Having ridden a 38" board for over a decade, I can't even imagine riding a short board.

So I talked to the kid working there, and asked how much they wanted for the deck. He said they couldn't sell the board by itself. I then asked if they'd trade the wheels for some Kryptonics I saw on another board. No dice. Teach me to try to get a skateboard in a place that sells bathing suits.

A few phone calls, three weeks, and a pay period that wasn't all going to bills later, I was the proud owner of a new Cosmic Rider II. Within about a hundred yards of starting the first time I rode it, I was pumping it back and forth and gaining good speed on level ground just by turning. It was then that I realized that my legs are not what they used to be when I had my old Fibreflex. If you're looking to get a board for the exercise, I highly recommend the Cosmic Rider II. Pumping it slalom style can be a hell of a good workout.

With angled riser pads, this board responds incredibly quick, better even that most short boards I've ridden (and I go back to the days when 30" was considered long). Even though, I haven't taken it down any real bomber hills, it seems real stable at speed, and it carves nicely.

I was somewhat worried that it would not hold my weight. I currently tip the scales at about 185, but I don't see any signs of it not being able to hold me. I can jump on it with all of my weight, and have it flex to to the ground and spring back like a trampoline. If anything, this board was made for heavier riders. I've heard that lighter riders have trouble getting it to flex the way it should.

The kicktail's a good addition. If you're out and you see a nice bank, you'd have no trouble giving it a go. My only complaint is that the front trucks are mounted too far forward for my tastes. I know that this is so you can ride farther forward down hills. I think this is just my own preference. I feel like that if I can do 360s off the tail, I should be able to do tricks off the nose. It makes forget me that this is, first and foremost, a slalom/carving board.

All in all, it's a great ride. Whether you're looking for something to carve with or to cruise the boardwalk, or you just want to step up into something a little bit longer, I'm sure you'll be happy with a Cosmic Rider II.

For more info on the Cosmic Rider II and other fine products from Sector 9, check out their web site at Sector 9.

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