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I created this section so I would have some way to post pictures without having to build a story around them. If you would like to submit pictures for this section, that's fine, but I would rather not post pictures that are available on line elsewhere. For more info on submitting pictures, see my submission guidelines.

Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.

My son Matthew on a G&S Fibreflex, taken Superbowl Sunday 1998. My wife's in the background, sitting on the skateboard.

This is a friend, J.R., does the most awesome tricks on a 56" Roadboard.

Me, rail walking a hybrid freestyle longboard.

Tannis Watson, working the Battlecreek, Michigan, Skatepark.

X Games 98: this is the hill, I still can't believe they did standup on this hill.

X Games 98: Biker Sherlock passes at 60+.

X Games 98: Bottom of the hill, not a lot of room before you plow into Qualcomm Stadium.

Me, on my first set of Randals.

Freestyler Primo Desiderio, doing what is probably his best trick, the Primo Slide. He is actually sliding backwards on the rail of the board.

Primo doing a pogo.

Me, at Greer Park, Palo Alto, California.

Greer Park local shortboarder catches air.