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   June 5, 2001

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Welcome to Nose Wheelie

Haven't been skating as much as I'd like. My wife and I bought an old 1935 craftsman crackhouse, and I've been spending all of my free time doing the Bob Villa thing. I went to the Morro Bay contest a few weeks ago and had a total blast. Unfortunately, it just made me realize how much I've missed skating these last months. New is a story called Morro Bay Memories, a few things that happened over the big weekend. I'm also going to try to post a couple of equipment reviews. I got a new Ed Economy Longboard and a Road Rider Transit Slalom.

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New This Month
  • Morro Bay Memories [posted June 5]

Welcome to Nose Wheelie--a page dedicated to Old School and longboard skateboarders in the new millenium.

Rather than focusing on nostalgia, we aim at those who used to ride back when and have decided to get back into it. So if you've bought that first new board in years or decided to kick the dust off the old one, you've found a home.

You won't find much on how to do ollies here, but we do link to some of the better "new school" pages. We mainly cover longboarding along with some of the forgotten skateboard disciplines--flatland freestyle, bank riding, slalom, downhill, etc.


Morro Bay Memories

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Chris Sturhann, circa 1977.

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