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Variflex 9

I've never been a big fan of Variflex, but this one is kind of interesting. It's probably late-70s or early-80s, judging by the width, 9", and extensive use of plastic with the rails, skid plate, and nose protector. It was owned by D. Stiffle. Now, I know what you're thinking. Who is D. Stiffle? Well, he was the kid who owned the board originally. The only reason I know this is that he etched his name and phone number into the deck and his name across both hangers on the trucks, the bastard.

Note the ungripped part of the deck, real typical at the time.

Check the two-part plastic rails.

Now, it's the trucks that make this board interesting. They're Variflex trucks, but sort of a ripoff of the old Gullwing split axle design.

Copyright © 1999 Chris Sturhann