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Web Log

May 16, 2002

I just noticed that I haven't updated in over two weeks, bad webmaster, bad, so here I am. I'm still not skating as much as I'd like, but at least I'm riding to work every day. Speaking of which, tomorrow, May 17, is Ride Your Bike to Work Day. It would be a good opportunity to skate to work if it's realistic and you're so inclined. It really is a great way to start the day, provided you don't eat sh*t on the way. Trust me, I did that a couple of weeks ago. Nothing like bleeding and seeping all over your desk all day long.

I saw Dogtown and Z Boys again last week with Solid Skate Glen and Randy from Soul Carver Skateboards. Stil great the second time around and a pretty decent crowd for a Thursday. Made me want to do the road trip to Revere. Hopefully, that will happen soon.

Part of the reason I've not updated is that I am working on something for the site that I've never done before. I don't want to give anything away, but it should be cool. Well, I think it's cool anyway. Finally, I got an e-mail from Gareth Roe of Roe Racing, asking me to review their web site.

Web Site Review

Roe Racing

First off, the boards look killer. If I ever get the money to get a really high-performance slalom board, the Roe Racing Hester model would be my first choice. I'd probably already have one, but I'm not doing much slalom anymore, so I just can't justify the expense. Although I appreciate the workmanship and response of the Turner Downhill boards, I've always found the rolled edges a bit odd. Not a problem with the Roe Racing boards. Beyond the boards, the site itself is good. Be sure to check out the links section. There are a few great picture pages, hosted on roeracing.com, from the 2001 slalom race season. Also there were a couple of killer links, that I'd never heard of before, that are well worth checking out. Cool site.

April 30, 2002

It was kind of a weird day. I got to work and there was an article about skateboarding from the local paper, the San Diego Union Tribune, on my desk. A co-worker had brought it in for me. I didn't realize it at the time that it was an omen of good things to come. I was in the middle of reading it, when one of the guys from IT came down with another copy. "Oh I see you've already got it." The article was about Stacey Peralta and Tony Alva and of course the movie, Dogtown and Z Boys.

Then, this afternoon, I got a call from my wife, because a friend of ours had called with free pass to see a movie about skateboarding. I didn't need to ask what it was, and naturally, I jumped at the chance. While waiting in line for the movie to start, I saw Doug Pineapple Saladino. I'd never met him before, although we did trade a couple of e-mails a few years back. I introduced myself and we talked for a minute or two.

Strange, it started out as just a normal day, but it turned into a really great one. Kind of cool when that happens.

April 24, 2002

Web Site Reviews

I get links e-mailed to me all of the time. The problem is that I stop maintaining my links page on the old site, because it was a pain in the butt to keep up with. Now that I have this web log, I figure it will be a bit easier. Anyway, I went through my inbox and hopefully found most of them. If you have sent me a link and it is not here, there are two of reasons why it's not listed. First, it probably is still buried in my Inbox. Just send it to me again, and I'll look at it and hopefully get to it this time. Second, I didn't want to link to it, because either (a) the site doesn't have much of interest to people who come to my site, or (b) the site is annoying in some way. If your site has lots of broken links or most of the pages are under construction, or has scripts that don't work or crash my machine, or takes forever to load, etc., I'm not going to link to it.

The ratings are as follows

Waste of time and bandwidth.

Okay site, but not much there, or possibly a good site, but you have to work too hard for it.

Good site. Check it out if you can.

Great site. Bookmark it and come back if you don't have time now.

Personal Pages


This site rocks. Lots of great old school stuff with a Florida slant. But not all nostalga, has info on Florida skate events as well. Don't let the Florida angle scare you off, though. A lot of great skaters came out of there. Definitely worth a look.

John Doe E-Zine

Mostly a short board site, but a lot of work went into it and there's quite a bit of stuff there. You do have to hunt around a bit. There's some pics of Colorado skateparks, a Tony Hawk interview, and probably more. The big problem is that I was half afraid to look around. I do most of my web surfing at work because the connection is faster. The front page has an animated gif of some fat woman fucking some guy. All you see is big fat ass bouncing up and down, not that I really have anything against that sort of thing. Just browsing this site at work is probably not a good career move. Probably deserves a better rating than I give it, but it is mostly short board stuff.


Home of the 2002 World Longboard Slalom Championships among other things, Tony Alva page, Slalom e-zine, etc. I suspect that the pages are going to load a bit slow on a dialup connection, because of all of the graphics, but definitely worth a look.


German longboard page. No English translation, but cool regardless. There's a great video of a downhill race with ramps used in most of the turns. Just go to Media and click on

Videoteaser im Format Quicktime ansehen

That alone makes it worth fudging you way through the German.

Company Pages

I decided to treat the company pages separately. Basically, company pages are trying to sell you something. That's a given. Sites that rate higher usually have more than just product, i.e., pictures, videos, etc.

Supaflex Skateboards

Interesting French Board manufacturer. They seem to have cool stuff, but their web site was a bit too fancy for my tastes. On several pages I had to really hunt around for something to click on. I'm pretty sure that they make slider gloves, but I couldn't find them there. There are videos and pictures, but I couldn't get any of the videos to load, but that may be that I don't have the right software.


Online longboard skateshop. Good selection, reasonable prices, and a slightly different lineup than you'll find at solidskate or longskate. The higher rating is because they have a good selection.

Phat Cruise Boards

Deck maker that's been around since at least 1997. Their boards are an interesting design, super wide with large oval wheel cut outs to allow the wheels to come up through the deck to avoid wheel bite, but not much on the web site.


Small longboard company that also has a decent selection of good components, Randals Seismics, and Abec 11s

Abec 11 Wheels

Probably the top maker of high performance skateboard wheels. Chris Chaput doesn't do anything half-ass when it comes to skateboarding, and Abec 11 Wheels are no exception. Their racing pedigree puts them above most wheel makers. Me, I'm just waiting for them to start selling that Abec 11 hockey jersey that Chris always wears, hint, hint.

April 17, 2002

In Memoriam: Bobby Turner

Bob Turner passed away on March 23, 2002. Best known to the skating community for the legendary Turner Summerski, Bobby was also an innovator in the construction of surf- and sailboards. His Turner Summerskis, Blackbird, and Downhill decks are generally considered the finest racing skateboards ever built. I didn't really know Bobby. I met him just once at Hamm's race at the dump road. We only spoke for only a minute or two, but he struck me as a kind, humble man, amazed that people were still riding his decks and clamoring for a new production run. Thankfully for the slalom skateboarding community, that production run did come to fruition before his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bobby and his family. More on Turner at


I haven't really been keeping up with things, so probably none of these things would really be considered news. They're just a handful of things I've stumbled across in the last few months.

Salomon Gel Handsliders

I picked these up at the skate shop late last year. My old wrist guards were pretty shot. I tend to use them for sliding at low speeds on the flat, in skateparks, etc. These are great. Unlike most wrist guards which have rigid plastic on the top and bottom of your wrist, these are merely molded pieces of plastic that strap over the heal of your hand. I love them. They might not keep your wrists from getting broken if you slammed real hard, but they're great for low-speed toeside slides. In the past, I've used regular wrist guards, but the main problem is that they have the straps right where they get worn away from sliding. On these the straps, are back out of the way, so they should last as long as the plastic holds out. Very cool. I found a place to order them online at



Most longboarders are familiar with Gravity. They've been around forever and are one of the top longboard makers, but if you haven't been to their web site, you've got to check it out. Unlike most longboard web pages which just show the product and the odd picture or two, they've gone all out with tons of pictures, videos, and more. I've wasted many an afternoon there. Check it out at


Oddly enough, I stumbled on a news story about Gravity on the Apple Computers site. It's worth a read, but beware of the Mac hype. Still, it's good to see longboards where you wouldn't expect them.


Retro Decks from Vision

Want an old school deck, but don't want to risk hocking the wife's engagement ring. Vision has just reissued some of their eighties vintage designs, and they're available at Solid Skate. There are four models in total, the Gator, Gonz, Griggly and Jinx models. They'd make great wall hangers, or better yet mount them up and ride the shit out of them. At least, you won't have to worry every time they go off the deep end.

New Gullwing Trucks

Gullwing has released some designs of interest to old school, slalom, and longboard skaters. The SL2002 looks to be a slightly different version of the same design as the old Gullwing split axles. Great news all around. Most of the parts appear to be interchangable with the split axle and Phoenix trucks, so that gives collectors a better shot being able to restore the old thrashers. Hugh Regalado has a bunch of pictures on his site showing how the old and new parts stack up against each other.


So whether you want parts or new trucks that ride like the old ones, you're covered. Also from Gullwing Trucks are Gullwing Cruisers. They look pretty similar to Randals. And while I don't think I'll be tossing my Randals anytime soon, it's good to know that there are some other options out there.

Both SL2002s and Cruisers can be order through Solid Skate.


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